static1.squarespace copyEverything takes time, a bit of blood, sweat and tears. 902 Brewing Company, started by Colby Janisch, Tucker Littleton, and Andrew Brown is climbing the brewers ladder. Back in 2012 all they had was a 3 gallon pot and a home brewing kit, they then migrated to a 15 gallon system and grew even further and now brew their beer at the Climax Brewing facilities in Roselle Park, NJ. Their beers are featured in about 40 establishments across the Garden State.

We recently had the opportunity to attend a batch sampling offered by the Hoboken, NJ based brewery to test 7 pilot brews, all single hop series IPAs registering 6.3% ABV at 60-65 IBU’s. The crowd ranged from average joes to craft beer enthusiasts. Getting feedback directly from your customer base is crucial, so events like these help focus efforts during a period of growth tremendously.  The beers were great, the crew of tasters helped narrow down their favorites, and got some Q&A in with Colby Janisch who leading the tasting.

We’re excited to see what 902 will be doing in the future, as of now they’re collaborating on a brew with Two Ton Brewing who we saw at the Meadowlands Beer Expo. From what we tasted at the expo from Two Ton and what 902 sampled, we’re sure it’ll be tasty! If you haven’t aligned yourself with any batch tastings and or small brewers events we suggest you do, there’s lots to learn for you home brewers out there. Cheers!



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