In the late 1920’s Wally Byam started building trailers out of the backyard of his Los Angeles home. They were originally crafted using masonite, but it was around 1936 that he adopted the polished metal siding that is the signature characteristic of the Airstream we know so well today. The streamlined, sausage like trailer, has taken on a cult following and rightfully so, these things have the perfect ratio of retro and modern. Seeing one of these cruising the highway always turns heads. Many people have kept their Airstreams stock to accentuate their simplicity, others into works of art and even some into mobile businesses.

One such Airstream is the Apollo 70, a mobile bar based out of Oxforshire, England. The land yacht fully equipped with catering facilities and a fully built out bar. The airstream is available to rent for events of all sorts, when rented, it comes with a full staff, sound system and more. Wish we could have this beauty to tow behind our car at all times, this thing would run a tailgate party.



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