Liver Basher’s cold beverage law, if you drink a beer fast enough, your beer will stay cold. As simple a fact as that may be, not everyone is into speed drinking or getting hammered unless they’re on a bad first date or at a wedding. There really are only a few things you can do to keep your beer cold, highest on the list, keep the beer on ice. Okay enough jokes,  If you’re really trying to slow the process down, then we’re talking a whole industry of tips, tricks, and products that can help. Koozies are always a favorite, but those are most effective on cans while leaving bottles half-naked. The next best thing for bottles would be a koozie shaped in the form of a bottle. Well, lucky for all of us, the problem has already been solved thanks to the founders of Bomber Jackets.

These unique koozies dubbed Bomber Jackets cover your can or bottle in its entirety leaving your hot, sweaty, clammy hands off that precious liquid gold. There’s an assortment of sizes available, 750ml bottle, 32oz can, 22oz bottle, 16oz can and 12oz bottle covering all of your drinking needs. Bomber Jackets also come in a variety of stock designs as well as a create your own approach. We’ve seen a lot of koozies in our lifetime, we’ve lost most of them with the exception of a few gems worth holding onto, Bomber Jackets are definitely a keeper.

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