Breathometerget-home-safe-c6c6ad4a164b0ba4de77fac83a28261e, founded by Charles Michael Yim in September 2012,  develops innovative breath sensing technology.  Sounds weird to you, well it sounds weird to us too. A breath sensing technology?!? Well, it’s not the first of its kind and probably not the last, we’ve seen a number of products that have similar features like BACtrack, Alcohoot and others that allow consumers to test their BAC levels. The difference is, this tests your breath, good or bad, and indicates hydration levels which is directly attributed to bad breath.  More importantly, breathometer tests your BAC levels by blowing directly into the patented device connected to the accompanying app. The plus side is if you blow over the legal limit, and still have good judgment, you can order an Uber which is integrated directly into the Breathometer app.

We all know that drinking and driving can lead to serious injuries, accidents, and even death. Much like yourself, we don’t want carry around another object or piece of technology, it can be a pain in the ass, at least this one can save lives. We love a good beer or 10 here at Liver Bashers but we also want to get home to our families like you do. If you happen to own a Breathometer, or will be purchasing one, remember to use promo code “Breathometer” when ordering an Uber through the app for a discount of up to $20.

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