Say it ain’t so! Well it ain’t-ish, the collaboration between Budweiser and Metallica is a limited run of 91,000 cans made available only in Quebec City, Canada for Metallica’s last performance at the Colisée Pepsi. The venue is shutting down to reveal the new stadium named Videotron Center (ummm yeah). Metallica will be performing at the soon to be closed coliseum September 14th-16th, 2015 where the beer will make its debut at the Colisée Pepsi, available to the fans during the show.

According to the brewer if all goes well the good folks of Quebec City will be able to purchase the beer in stores September 28th, 2015. As much as this is great news for Metallica Fans and Budweiser drinkers this is a bummer to us since we’ll probably never get our hands on it here in the states. Sad faces and groans here at the Liver Bashers headquarters, hell what do we care the stuff in the can’s the same so we’ll keep on truckin’.

We’ll just have to play our favorite Metallica albums and pound a few of the cold kings back and forget the whole situation, if any of you find a can or two of these sitting around and feel oh so generous shoot us an email and we’ll send you an address to ship them to. Bash-on friends!

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