When you’re 30k feet in the air traveling at 450mph its pretty hard to find a good bartender. If your smart like us you’ll think ahead and pack a Carry On Cocktail kit making the dingbat in seat 28B with the crying baby think he’s an amateur. The Carry On Cocktail Kit comes in 3 varieties, the Old Fashioned, The Gin & Tonic and the Moscow Mule.

Tin Ingredients
The Old Fashioned: Carry On Tin, Recipe Card,  Spoon / Muddler, Aromatic Bitters, Cane Sugar, Linen Coaster
The Gin & Tonic: Carry On Tin, Recipe Card,  Bar Spoon,  1/2oz. Jigger, Tonic Syrup, Linen Coaster
The Moscow Mule: Carry On Tin, Recipe Card,  Bar Spoon,  1/2oz. Jigger, Ginger Syrup, Linen Coaster
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