Nothing like a cold beer in the summer, if you can keep it cold that is. Koozies are great but they just slow the warming process down, so bottoms up right?!? Well not so fast young Jedi, as we all know, or should, sun and alcohol leave even the strongest of drinkers, including us, drunk as a skunk. We know you’re thinking that you can just come up with a sip to minute ratio that will prevent the drunk from setting in, the result keeping your beer at the perfect temp, right? Your concept seems flawless, but after 3 or so beers that formula is turning into a slush in that pea brain of yours and guess what, you have hot beer and you’re slurring your words. Now your genius ideas have granted your friends free rein to draw phallic objects on you while you sleep quietly in the fetal position.

Lets stop right there and get real, we live in a day where things invented daily to help us with all of our important life problems. One such invention is Chill Puck, a frozen coaster for your canned beer of choice. Its easy to use, just throw it in the freezer or cooler and attach it to the bottom of any 12 or 16oz beer. It’s like having a beer on ice at all times. Chill Pucks come in a variety of designs like the NCAA, MLB, NFL, NHL, Military pucks and even the opportunity to customize your own. We’ve tried it and it works pretty well, for more information visit Chill Puck.

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