These days, it feels like there are more beers than there are nationalities on the planet. Craft brewers are more serious than ever, crafting brews with precision and flavor profiles that will blow your socks off. The industries heavy hitters have hit their stride, the new guys are trying to break in and we’re all trying to find something we haven’t tried.

There are more homebrewers than you could fit pins on a map if you had to. The trend has become so popular that schools are even starting to offer classes in craft brewing. Yeah, you heard right, classes at the university level!  There are a number of online universities that offer programs in brewing like which is great but what about classes on an actual campus? Well, The University of Vermont has created The Business of Craft Beer Certificate Program developed in collaboration with the Vermont Brewers Association. What this means is you can graduate from a university with a degree in brewing. The program offers classes on fundamentals in craft brewing, business operations, sales and digital marketing. Many people don’t realize the amount of effort that goes into owning and running a brewery beyond the 5 Gal bucket you produce with a home brew kit. This will bridge the gap between the average joe with his garage brew looking to travel deeper into the sudsy rabbit hole and actually calling it a career.

Bravo to The University of Vermont on adding diversity to the options offered to its students. Wonder how parents will feel about this, we’ll bet some kids will get the same look that the other kid got when he told his parents he wanted to go to art school. Anyways get out there and get some, get that degree and brew the best beer you can because we’re thirsty damn it!

Map of the breweries in the United States

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