hangry garden logoSummers come and go, every year they seem to melt away faster and faster with the fading sun. We try and pack in as much as we can in those three to four months of warm breezes and fizzy cocktails. Somehow time eludes us year after year leaving us wondering where it all went. We have moments that seem to standout more than others, they stick with us throughout the years surfacing from time to time over dinner with friends or a beer at the bar with your bestie. Those moments stay warm in our thoughts, from the days at the beach to moonlit nights dancing through the streets of the city in an alcohol induced euphoria. With this summer coming to a close we’ve found ourselves looking for another “thing” to-do before the seasons inevitable change. Food and beer are always a great place to start and we’ve found a spot that has both and more. In Williamsburg, Brooklyn there’s a sort of food festival hybrid located on North 8th & Driggs called Hangry Garden.

We stopped in recently to check it out thinking we’d have a beer and hit the road but we got sucked into the vortex of beer, food, music and games. In good ol’ Liverbashers fashion we made quick business of the tallboy PBR’s, tacos, shuffleboard, beer pong and talking to complete strangers. There is no shortage of block parties in New York City, the problem we find is that most of them are grab and go with no room to sit and relax. At Hangry Garden there are plenty of picnic tables which was great when it came time to eat and get out of the sun for a bit, not to mention a little socializing. There were vendors of all sorts selling everything from homemade chili hot sauce, clothing and more. Hangry Garden is located a block away from the Bedford L train making it a really convenient to get to. Stop in like we did and grab a cold beer, some food and check out the local vendors.


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