We landed in Paris!  Paris, was nothing short of amazing. After a few long nights we were told to find a bar called Harry’s New York Bar.  So stopped by to check it out and realized that this was a touristy place with a lot of history. In comparison to the other touristy bars in and around Paris, Harry’s New York Bar felt like we were at a New York steak house minus the steak unfortunately.

There have been a fair share of intellects and artists that have graced Harry’s including Sinclair Lewis, Ernest Hemingway, Bill Tilden, Coco Chanel, Jack Dempsey, Rita Hayworth and Humphrey Bogart to name a few. Be prepared for the higher prices as this place is in the heart of Paris, but you’ll be pleased to see some home town favorites like hot dogs and sports memorabilia. Lots of places to see in Paris but this bar is a definite on the checklist if solely for the nostalgiia.

$$$$$ | Mon-Thu 12:00pm-2am | Fri-Sat 12:oopm-3am | Sun 12:00pm-2am | Website

Harry's New York Bar
71%Overall Score

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