We’ve tossed around the idea of having a keg fridge in our wood shop on and off for ages. Its not such a far fetched idea, as a matter of fact its not all that costly if you build one yourself. A store bought keg fridge can run you anywhere from $400-$600. Building your own keg fridge will run you about $200 if you have a spare fridge laying around your basement/workshop like we do.

The instructional video above shows you the step by step way of building a keg fridge with all the necessary fridge conversion items outlined below. Once your’re done you’ll realize that this was the best $200 you spent in home renovations and sure as hell beats the new faucet you installed at the same price! You’re welcome.

What you’ll need: Refrigerator, Conversion kit, CO2 cylinder, CO2 gas (inside the canister), Screwdrivers, Power drill, 1⅜-inch and ⅞-inch hole saws, Measuring tape, Hacksaw, A keg of your favorite beer. (You can purchase the conversion kit below)

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