enhanced-14762-1431627261-5240 years ago, then only 13 colonies belonging to the United Kingdom, fought to separate themselves from their ruler. The American forces were led by George Washington, with arms and supplies from France and Spain, thanks to diplomatic efforts by Thomas Jefferson. It was these men and women of the first 13 colonies that brought us freedom. We are now the United States of America, thanks to those brave souls.

Today we salute those brave souls, honoring their fight with celebrations that span the nation. There will be fireworks, bbq, beers, booze, boats, campfires and more. We’ve certainly had our share of all of those things, and will for years to come. As a nation we’re not shy of showing our pride, in doing so we want to remind you to be responsible and not hit the road if you’ve been throwing back booze and beers. As much as we’d all like to be home in the comfort of our homes tonight, it’s important to know whats best. Have a great 4th of July, we know we will. Cheers fellow Liver Bashers!

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