We first saw Ween play sometime around 2001 in New Jersey. The show was held in a large outdoor field that invited all attendees to camp out, which we did. The memory remains strong in our pickled brains 15 years later, the grass, tents, alcohol and of course the music. We’ve moved from New Jersey (kind of) since then, now partly based in Portland, OR, we heard they were coming to town to perform at the Pabst Project and couldn’t miss the opportunity to relive a few moments.

We crossed the Morrison bridge, and from above, we could see the crowd through the trees along the waterfront. We could feel the music tapping into our veins, drawing out the adrenaline, unknowingly increasing our pace towards the front gates. The crowds were thick, but we expected that with a lineup like Duran Duran, Nathaniel Rateliff, Tame Impala, Ween, Ice Cube, A$ap Ferg, Diarrhea Planet. We flew through the ticket line and meandered through the crowds looking for cold-beer to get us started. There they were, like the light at the end of the tunnel, $3 Tallboy PBR’s, we felt like kids at Christmas.

A few chugs later and we were in the thick of things, bumping elbows with fellow fans letting our eardrums get hammered. There were PBR stands, food vendors, merch tent’s and even a 20-foot tall silver unicorn with a glowing horn that seemed to serve as a beacon for people waiting on friends. We ping-ponged between the two stages, located on either side of the waterfront venue. This gave us a chance to take a break to get some grub at the multiple food stands that were lined up along the way. We grabbed some tacos, which were amazing, a few more cold beers and watched Ween hit the stage. They played their hearts out, bringing us back to that 2001 weekend in New Jersey.

Nightfall was upon us, and Tame Impala was up next. We felt the vibe change, the crowd began moving towards the opposite side of the field as the stage was beginning to light up. Voices getting louder, people hollering, beers getting cracked, a little of Oregon’s finest green getting passed around… The show was coming to an end, but not before the finale. Tame Impala hit the stage and the psychedelic light show beamed through the night, beats were pumping and the crowd was feeling it. The speakers shot out heart thumping base as eyes were closed and heads were moving. What a show, what a production! Kudos to Pabst for helping us close the summer with a bang under the moonlight and summer breeze. The concert series isn’t over yet, Pabst Project has two more stops on this tour happening in Atlanta (October 1st) and Philadelphia (October 8th). The lineup for both shows looks great, don’t miss out on the music or the cheap tallboys!

img_2640-webPhoto: Liverbashers

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