Thursday, October 13th marks a big day for us Liverbashers, we’re co-hosting the Pabst Blue Ribbon Cool Blue Olympics at Hangry Garden, in Brooklyn, New York. These Olympics are not covered by NBC, CBS or whatever mainstream media company is trying to rake in the dough. As you’d imagine, these Olympic games are based on our favorite drinking games and one of our go to beers, PBR. 16 teams, of 4 players per team, will compete in 4 events in which 1st and 2nd place will claim prizes. The 4 events, Beer Pong, Corn Hole, Case Race and Flip Cup are classics in the drinking game arena. It takes quite the skill to place in these games, a lot of money goes into training. Bodies must be in shape for these games, round being the optimal shape, somewhere between dad-bod and olympian is what the best competitors aim for. These seasoned vets are going to put their hand-eye coordination to the test on Thursday, October 13th aiming to claim the top spot at the Cool Blue Olympics. This is a dream come true to some, forget the summer or winter Olympics, no need for a speedo unless you feel inclined, just bring your liver and get ready to slam your cup!

Teams can register by emailing:

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