logoOf all the ingredients used in brewing beer, only  about 10% actually end up in your glass. The spent grain which is generally used by farmers as feed and or turned into fertilizer still contains valuable plant proteins and dietary fibers. Jordan Schwartz and Dan Kurzock, the founders behind the environmentally friendly baked goods company ReGrained believe that we should all be able to have our beer and eat it too.

They’ve partnered up with a number of breweries to acquire their spent grains to use in their nutritious grain bars. There are 2 flavors currently available to the public, coffee stout bars and honey almond IPA bars. Like everyone at this time of year, we’re getting ready to make new resolutions for the upcoming year. We figured if we’re going to the try the healthy route we should try a bar made from beer grain, its the logical choice for us Liver Bashers.

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