25504_lg2Sake has definitely gotten the best of us in the past, it goes down ever so smoothly and when you get off your bar stool you realize you’re drunk! Maybe not as bad as the samurai in the classic drunken samurai movies or anything but sake can pack a punch. On average beer is between 3-9% alcohol, wine about 9-16% and sake a whopping 18-20%. We can hear the liver cringe now.

Sake hails from Japan roughly around the 8th century, a fermented rice wine, mainly from the Kobe region nowadays. If you can’t make it to Japan to try it from the source,  you can entertain your inner samurai using this sake home brew kit developed by Norse Hutchens. The kit sells for about $60 which renders you plenty more sake than you would pay for at a restaurant for the same price.

The kit includes: 1 gallon jug, 2 gallon fermenting bucket, plastic tubing, rubber stopper, muslin bag, cleaner, rice, yeast, sake additives.

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