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Ben, The Founder

There comes a time in ones life, a drinkers life, that he or she will swear off alcohol. It may not be forever, but for an extended period of time, you promise yourself that you will not touch a single drop! It could have been that night of dollar beers, a hall pass from the wife, maybe a bachelor or bachelorette party that brought out your thirsty 21 year old self. The thing about taking that break is you get an itch, you want to hang with your friends but they’re going to the bar and you don’t want a tall cold glass of cranberry water, soda or some fuc*ing juice! This is the reality of not drinking and trying to be social amongst people who drink.

So we know there are some crafty bars that can concoct a few good non-alcoholic drinks but they’re few and far. This brings us to Seedlip, a company based out of London that we stumbled across while stuck in an internet wormhole one afternoon. Seedlip has developed a non-alcoholic spirit, distilled in copper stills the same way you would an alcoholic spirit but non of the ingredients that will render an alcoholic product. This is beyond just an average mixer, these have all the qualities of a great spirit sans alcohol. The company currently produces two high quality, very curated creations, Spice 94 and Garden 108. Spice 94 has an aromatic, earthy, woody nose as well as a clove, lemon and cardamom palate while Garden 108 has a herbal grassy floral nose and a sweatpea, meadowgrass and cucumber palate. The can both be consumed over ice or try one of Seedlips signature recipe’s that can be downloaded here. The product, unfortunately, is currently only available in London. That being, if you find yourself in London, a list of their stockists can be found on their website.


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