We’ve all watched Back To The Future, grown up and felt disappointed at the fact that we have no flux capacitor, sports almanac or Delorean. Things have taken a turn in recent years, as we’ve all seen, a turn that would throw you right out of your seat and into Marty McFly’s car for a trip into the future. These days, we’ve become jaded to a degree, by the technological advancements made on a day to day basis that only seem to provide us food delivery, cabs and payments at the press of a button.

Don’t start getting to depressed just yet, we’ve got some great news, a few days ago a milestone was met in the world of self driving automobiles. One that even us Liver Bashers had to double take on. Otto, a San Francisco company primarily focused on self driving freightliners was recently acquired by Uber in an attempt to expand their grip to the mass delivery service. On October 20th, Otto (Uber) partnered up with Anhueiser to make the first successful beer run in a self driving truck. The truck unguided by human effort made it’s way from Loveland, CO to  Fort Collins, CO.  That’s 100 miles of self guided navigating with a precious load of 50,000 ice cold Budweiser cans. Now the question at hand is how do we hack the thing to deliver to our house?  We’ll leave that to Putin! Jokes aside, things in this world are moving fast, don’t forget to crack a cold one, park yourself in a chair outside and enjoy it fresh air while it’s still here.

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