Weekdays are around to remind us of how great weekends actually are, just some basic ying-yang philosophy we’ve picked up along the way. For us, weekdays go something like this: Monday, Monday, Monday, Monday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. We balance this atrocious calendar with a night out, or two, starting with Friday, rolling through till Monday, like a derailed high-speed train coming to a grinding stop. Next thing you know it’s Monday, where we continue through the work week like a bowling ball traveling down the lane, padded with bumpers, till it’s Friday all over again.

As depressing as this may sound to some, it puts a little weekly hope on the calendar for some of us. The problem with drinking habits is they get costly, there are so many ways to avoid dropping your paycheck at the bar. Think about the act of drinking like food shopping, you don’t go food shopping hungry, therefore you shouldn’t go to the bar thirsty. Now we’re back to the idea of pre-gaming and with that we present to you, Shower Beer! The brew, created by Pang Pang Brewery based out of Sweden, in collaboration with creative agency Snask is made for exactly that. The 18cl, palm-sized beer packs a punch. The brew itself weighs in at 10% ABV, and is designed to be taken down in three swift gulps. We need this in our fridge asap, and we’ll bet you do too. Happy friday folks!


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