Beer, we’ve drank it by the bottle, can, case and keg. We’ve scanned hundreds of deli fridges, top to bottom, our eyes fixating on various package designs in the hopes that the new sh*t we buy won’t send us into a fit of regret. Once in a while we strike gold, well liquid gold, when we get home and take our first sip into the unknown and pat ourselves on the back for taking a rewarding risk. We recently had this happen to us, about a year ago, when we grabbed Speakeasy’s Big Daddy six pack from a random deli. The package got us, it had the right name, style, and lil eyes that stared at us just begging us to drink it. We’ve since had a number of Speakeasy brews and like you, we like good beer, so why not go directly to the source and get it fresh.

Lucky for us we live pretty close to the brewery, so we met the good folks at Speakeasy to take a lil tour of the facilities and get the scoop on whats coming up next. They started back to 1997 and they’ve come a long way. Having graduated from a large home brewers setup, to two new and beautiful 30 barrel tanks has really ramped up production. They have the ability to produce small batches in their new 30 barrel tanks which enables experimentation or run at full capacity to fulfill their bigger batches by brewing the same beer in both tanks yielding 60 barrels per run.

Being on site and seeing it first hand you can tell there’s something special about these guys, they’re at a stage in their career where they’ve found their stride. They experiment and it shows, they’re beer is unique. They’re expanding all aspects of the business, from bottles and kegs to the recent addition of cans pumping out 62 cans a minute with their new high speed canning machine.

In addition to the brewing side of the business they also have a lab for quality control which will undergo a vast amount of upgrading.  Currently they test for all kinds of variables, from micro-organisms to oxygen, anything that can alter the consistency during the bottling process. This basically keeps the beer at it’s freshest before it gets loaded and off to the stores for us to buy. We don’t want to bore you with all the details, what we’re basically trying to say is that they’ve got a hell of a lot of passion for what they do and it shows both in person and more so in their beer.

We even had the pleasure of checking out their tap room during our visit. This is where they release new brews to the public, have private events. We were lucky enough to stop in as they just tapped their newest release, the Massacre Belgian-style Imperial Stout with Cherries, part of the Perfect Crime series. We wouldn’t call ourselves beer experts, we like to drink the stuff, but we’d say this was an excellent stout with dark chocolate notes and caramel undertones clocking in at 7.5% ABV with 42 IBU’s. Long story short these guys brew great beer, if you’re not in San Francisco but have this one the shelves at your local shop check it out. We’d be surprised if you couldn’t find a brew in their arsenal that spoke to you.

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