1024x1024On our late night expeditions running around town we always come across the moment where we think of grabbing some to-go beer to keep the night going. Generally we’re limited to the usual suspects and or going to a liquor store. By the time you get that bright idea though most places are closed and offerings are extremely limited.

A trends been circulating amongst craft beer bars, the Crowler station. The Crowler is a 32oz unsealed can that a bar can fill, sealed with a canning machine and sold to any customer looking to take their favorite draft beer home. Its fairly simple as you can see in the video above, and travels a lot safer than a glass container.  We’re doing some research now on bars with Crowler stations for our next roadtrip. If you have any you know of in the Northern California and or NY Metro Area that you like, give us a shout on instagram (@liverbashers) and lets us know.

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