The Patriot Saloon, which we simply call The Patriot, is a downtown New York City staple. The bar is located in the Financial district of NYC, frequented mainly by union workers, the happy hour office crowd, some tourists and us. The bar is mainly known for its bartenders, and its honky tonk vibe. Its all woman bar staff are reminiscent of what you would see in the movie Coyote Ugly, its why most people frequent the place. They have all the essentials like cheap beers, booze, eats and even bras hanging from the ceiling. The food is ok, it does its job and soaks up the cheap beer, we suggest ordering their $2 sliders which aren’t half bad.

The Patriot is a cash only establishment, so come prepared. There are a few other dives and strip clubs in the area so don’t feel like the trip all the way downtown will leave you stranded, you can definitely make a night of it. We’ve spent a buck or two here and migrated around the neighborhood ourselves. Check out the photo gallery for a better feel of the place.

$$$$$ | Bar Hours: Mon-Sat 11:ooam-4:00am

The Patriot Saloon
A Honky Tonkn' beer slinging haven

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