squareBeer Pong, a game of skill or something like that. We’ve found that a good approach to playing the game is to just go ahead and lose. Sounds a little crazy but if you’re playing beer pong you’re in it to drink it so why the f*ck not! Enough about our philosophy on the game, we came across a company that takes their ponging serious enough to engineer a cup that will improve your beer pong playing.

Hexcup is exactly like it sounds, a 6 sided cup versus the typical round Solo cup. This enables the cups to be organized in a way that there are no gaps between cups, what this means is that you’re more likely to get the ping pong ball into a cup rather than getting having it richochet out of play. You would think that this would have been invented ages ago by some Fraternity turned start-up but looks like these guys jumped on the opportunity. The product is currently posted to Kickstarter for funding so if you’re a beer ponging son of a b*tch then show them some support to help get this out on the market.

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