The supermarket, the deli, the gas station and the liquor store at some point in our lives, if not every time we visit, has left us feeling indecisive. How many times can we stroll down those aisles trying to figure out what to buy. Naturally, we’re creatures of habit, our intuition tells us to just pick out what we’re comfortable with. Without fail we ask ourselves silently whether we should go with the 22oz micro brew with the artsy label, or maybe the 4 pack of cans since we’ll be drinking solo at the house later. Most of the time this leaves us feeling somewhat satisfied, yet deep down we know we just settled to keep things simple.

Either way, we have enough on a day to day to think about that picking a beer has to be easier than getting lost in a sea of options. We all want to push our boundries, it promotes growth, this is common amongst us all. The same feeling we all feel plagued two individuals anmed Charlie and Zach. Time and time again they ended up perplexed in the beer aisle only to observe other people doing the very same thing they were. Eventually they were fed up enough to fix it, in 2014 they launched Brewpublik, a beer subscription platform that takes the guessing out of the beer selection process.

The duo developed a beergorithm, a formula which takes your beer preferences and delivers new beers to your doorstep monthly. It’s as simple as signing up, punch in your preferences, and voila you can discover todays world of craft brews without spending endless hours in-store looking at labels. Since their launch in 2014, Brewpublik has accumulated 2000 monthly subscribers and service offices such as Google, WeWork, Twilio and more.  For more info pr to subscribe visit

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