The American Dream: “Life should be better, richer and fuller for everyone, with opportunity for each according to ability or achievement” – James Truslow Adams (1931)

We set off on our motorcycles heading North towards Yuba City, about 100 miles North of San Francisco. We’d heard about a Moonshine distillery nestled between the Sutter Butte mountain range and Nevada that was cooking up something mean. With some directions and a full tank of gas, we headed North.

Cali Shine, rooted in Olivehurst, CA, founded by Mike and Chris two childhood friends with a knack for cars and booze found a way to make their American dream, and it gets filled one jar at a time. Mike and Chris met in 8th grade playing on the same football team, they’ve been through thick and thin and we could tell the second we met them.  It didn’t all start out with Booze though. Mike landed himself a 67′ Ford Mustang at the young age of 13 years old and began tinkering with every part of that car till he figured out what he could keep and what he could chop. Years later that knack for automobiles and figuring things out his own way, dawned with a fresh liver ready for priming, he began distilling his own concoctions all off his mothers stove with a 5 gallon bucket. The car was his gateway to moonshine, the very muscle cars that he learned to love were also the very same cars that ran moonshine in his fathers day.

Now a number of years later, he and Chris are still at it, distilling up a storm over in Olivehurst, CA where they’ve taken an old beat up space along side a freight train line and converted it from the ground up into their home base for all distilling operations. There’s no one to bother them, just two country chemists distilling their dreams and turning them into gold.

Night after night of research, experiments, music and some great batches of shine, they’ve found a rhythm. They’ve progressed quite nicely from that old 5 gallon bucket, now they’re working with two 4700 gallon fermenting tanks pumping out some quality shine for guys like us. The Cali Shine boys say that moonshine isn’t about making something thats going to drag your dick in the dirt, it’s about making something that will take you on a journey.

We sat with the guys and checked out all their new experiments from a locally sourced apricot infused moonshine to small batches of experimental rum which hit the mark dead on. They’ve definitely gotten their recipe’s down and it shows in their product. What they have out on the retail market now are 3 types of moonshine, Lemon Lickin’ clocking in at 70 proof with fresh lemon slices infused into the spirit, Strawberry Panty Dropper also at 70 proof with fresh strawberries infused into the spirit and their Two Shot hitting you at 130 proof. Moonshine is generally strong or at least thats the reputation it holds,  but we’d have to say that it seems like they’re in their groove, producing great product and having fun doing it. They’ve gotten their brand in roughly 70 doors or more and expanding at a good rate. If you find yourself in the Yuba City area, we suggest you give them a shout and tell them the Liver Bashers sent you. Till next time, cheers!

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