We came across the Eagle Cap-Off while stumbling thru Kickstarter campaigns recently. We have a workshop and keep a wide assortment of tools in our own wood shop, some new and some dating back to the early 1900’s. There is a demand these days for vintage products like never before. It’s great to see a brand bring back something as small and simple as a bottle opener, which in our opinion is the most important tool in the shop.

The Cap-Off was a bottle opener originally made in the 1940s by Eagle Lock Company in Connecticut, which has long since gone out of business. The founders, Matt and Mike, are two long time friends with business backgrounds who both have a passion for craft beer. They got their hands on some vintage Cap-Offs and fell in love with how they worked and how well they were made, and thats how it all started. This system carefully preserves the bottle cap for those craft beer enthusiast’s that collect their caps. If you’re a real collector of bottle caps get the Eagle Cap-Off and a Beer Cap Map and you’re set!

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