bottle_absinthe_newWe at Liverbashers follow the alcohol industry like the average person follows their favorite sports team. We know what’s coming out, events on the horizon, what you’re drinking and sometimes, when we’re not obliterated, we even remember what we’ve had. The craft beer industry is booming, its fans, for the most part, are educated on whats hot and whats not. There are so many options these days with over 4000 breweries open in the United States alone. There are numerous others venturing from their 9-5’s taking a crack at the market. People around the globe are craving a cold pint of delicious craft beer.

With the craft beer market saturated, the big guns in the industry are swooping in with fistfuls of cash buying up the lot. We’ve noticed a shift, there’s a strong movement forming and its the Craft Spirit scene. Even your favorite brewers are making their own mark with in-house Gin’s, Vodka’s and Whiskies like the good folks over at Rogue and Dogfish breweries.

As of today, there are a little over 700 distilleries producing craft spirits in the United States. This is merely speculation but we’re pretty sure less than half are making a profit on what they sell to local bars and liquor stores. At anywhere from $30-$80 a bottle buying a craft spirit is more of a special purchase not your everyday buy. We know nothing beats a glass of 21-year Macallan scotch neat and spending $10-15 bucks on a four or six pack of craft beer isn’t that much different. There’s a surge in popularity with the Craft spirit industry, with all the great products being brought to the market by distilleries like St. Gorge in California and Black Dirt in New York, we have a good feeling they’ll be making an appearance in your liquor cabinet in the near future.

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