We wait all week for it, call our friends and get a plan together. We get out there we tell ourselves we’re just going to get a couple drinks and there it is, you’re drunk. How about you kickstart your weekend with a round of drunk fails as to remember to play it safe or you may end up on a future Fail Into The Weekend list.

1. Damn, she almost made it.

2. Hey, his heart was in the right place

3. I can’t confirm he was drunk, but…

4. I swear there is a drunk guy in the background

5. Is somebody gonna help this poor man?

6. Santa gets coal and possibly a broken eye socket this year

7. When the ATM informs you that you’ve been over served

8. Seriously, somebody needs to help this guy

9. Babies are basically tiny drunk people

10. The Liverbashers crew leaving the office today

Photo Credits – Giphy

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