You Throw the beer, catch the beer and drink the beer. This apres ski competitive drinking game called Gelande Quaffing is a Liverbasher favorite. Legend has it, the game was founded by a group of ski bums called the Jackson Hole Airforce in Wyoming. They were at a bar and the bartender slid a beer across the bar, it took flight and just before it hit the ground they caught it and pounded it.

The game is pretty simple: one teammate, of a team of two, stands on one side of the slides roughly 10-foot bar top while the teammate, on the opposite end of the bar catches it midair and pounds the beer on one swift gulp. Points are awarded for completing these actions and additional points are given for style.

The Gelande Quaff rules are as follows:
Round One: Slide, catch by the handle, chug—as many as possible in 60 seconds.

Round Two: Teams need to land a 360-degree jump before they catch and chug—as many as possible in 60 seconds.

Round Three: Teams need to complete a 360-leap or an under-the-leg catch, of their choice—as many as possible in 60 seconds.

Final Round:
Teams need to complete 3 moves during this round before: The handle catch & pound, the 360-jump catch, and an under-the-leg catch. Once teams have completed the above moves, they can perform any trick of choice—as many as possible in 120 seconds total.

We may not ski but we will surely set this up in the yard this coming winter!

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