cac21041691881-57b2116d44be7Brunch, it’s a term that we could care less about, it’s for everyone that needs an excuse to have a few cocktails or beers at lunch but can’t muster up the balls to say the want to get their drink on in the middle of the day. To those of you with a set of cohones, guys or gals, we salute you. We believe in speaking your mind, with that said we must say that it is damn hard to get a good Bloody Mary. On a recent trip to Montana to the Swan Hill Bed & Breakfast, for our good friend Mikes wedding, we stopped in Missoula for a few hours to get a handful of drinks before heading to the airport. We asked around and 4 out of 5 times we were pointed to The Rhino, and damn did we get one of the best Bloody’s we’ve ever had.

The Bloody Mary is considered one of the hardest drinks to make, understandably so. A good Bloody Mary is more than just pouring some shitty tomato mix into a glass, shaking some pre-mixed spices into it, dropping a vegetable or two into it and calling it a day. A good Bloody Mary requires finesse, a subtle blend of fresh ingredients carefully measured to perfection. The right balance of tomato to spice, fresh-squeezed everything if you really want to get down. Well anyways, we’re no experts per se, and don’t want to get into all the nuances just yet. We’ll get a discussion going about that someday, we do want to point out that there aren’t very many pre-mixed bottles that pay attention to that balanced flavor necessary to place a Bloody at the top of one’s list. The same applies to the bottles, those god-forsaken pre-mixed concoctions come in some hideous packaging, probably another reason why we steer clear of them.

We were recently up late trolling the internet in search of something new and came across and amazing concept design for a Bloody Mary Mix. The designer, Constantin Bolimond, came up with some concept packaging which he designed using 3D software. The concept revolves around the Heinz brand and rightfully so, Heinze is the tomato king.The packaging evokes a sense of history, brand awareness, that exact finesse that you’d find in one of the hardest drinks to mix. We salute you Constantin for this level of detail. If only Heinze would pick it up and make this stuff. See more work from the designer here.

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