Hopworks, the family-owned and operated brewery, founded in 2007 by Christian Ettinger, started in his parent’s kitchen while he was off on his first summer break in college. Persistence and dedication prevailed, the beer brand, known to some as HUB, recently opened it’s Vancouver, WA brewpub. Luckily for us, we have some family out in the Couve and met them at the brewpub for a couple beers and a bite to eat.

The brewpub built from the ground up, hugs the border of Camas, WA. The brew pub is beautiful, you’ll notice it immediately while driving down the road as it stands alone amongst empty lots waiting to be developed. The interior is gorgeous, the big timber construction pays homage to the logging roots of the Pacific North West. Upon walking in, you’re greeted by the hosts at the reception desk, to the left of the desk is bar seating and high tables and to the right is the main dining area with an upper-level offering more seating. We had trouble leaving the reception desk, all we could think of was what beer we were going to take home, as anyone would.

When visting a new eatery, we like many,  generally have trouble choosing things off the menu. The real problem isn’t the food, it’s that we want to try it all! Luckily, there’s a beer tasting menu which enabled us to try a number of beers. This drew the attention of passerby’s and people waiting for tables asking us what they should try. We also ordered an assortment of food from pretzels to wings and even the vegan gravy poutine. You may be saying to yourselves, VEGAN GRAVY POUTINE!?!? Well, don’t be fooled by stereotypes, we’ve eaten poutine in Canada where its’ a national staple and we must say that the Hopworks vegan gravy poutine may be the best we’ve ever had. No pictures to support the statement because we were lost in the flavor and by the time we lifted our heads out of the bowl it was gone. If you’ve never been, we suggest getting your asses out there and give it a try. Cheers!

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