Rudy’s oh Rudy’s, you’ve saved us from waiting for the bus in the apocalyptic light show that is Times Square. Although your Times Square anxiety will be soothed once you walk into Rudy’s and order a blonde or amber house draft and sink your teeth into a free  all beef hotdog. Yes FREE! For every beer ordered comes a dog on a bun, but don’t get greedy you’ll be called out for it.  All the usual staples in bottles and tap with an occasional craft brew as well as Rudy’s own Blonde Ale or Amber. We suggest trying it as its cheap, about $2 and treats you the same as those other big names. The place is sprinkled with aspiring actors, locals theater folk and well basically everyone under the sun and moon stop in here being that it is in the heart of tourist town. We stop in fairly often as you should too and enjoy a piece of Old New York. (Disclaimer: it’s changed a bit since Old New York but it’s still got its charm.)

Rudy's Bar & Grille
77%Overall Score

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