Carlsberg Beer’d Beauty

A mans beard can multitask possibly as good if not better than a 5 in 1 tool. A beard serves as a flavor saving, food collecting, lady wooing beer napkin of sorts. They've dawned the faces of lumberjacks,...

Motorhead Whiskey

On October 1st Mackmyra Distillery and Motorhead released a signature whiskey branded with the Motorhead logo for the bands 40th anniversary. Unfortunately the product was only released in Sweden, we were...

Apollo 70 Airstream Bar

In the late 1920's Wally Byam started building trailers out of the backyard of his Los Angeles home. They were originally crafted using masonite, but it was around 1936 that he adopted the polished metal...

Self Driving Beer Delivery Truck

We've all watched Back To The Future, grown up and felt disappointed at the fact that we have no flux capacitor, sports almanac or Delorean. Things have taken a turn in recent years, as we've all seen, a turn...

Chill Puck

Nothing like a cold beer in the summer, if you can keep it cold that is. Koozies are great but they just slow the warming process down, so bottoms up right?!? Well not so fast young Jedi, as we all know, or...

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