Message In A Bottle

Medea vodka is taking "Message In a Bottle" to new heights. They've designed a bottle that has an LED system rigged with Apple's iBeacon Bluetooth Technology that allows a user to customize a message on the...

The Crowler

On our late night expeditions running around town we always come across the moment where we think of grabbing some to-go beer to keep the night going. Generally we're limited to the usual suspects and or...

The Worlds Strongest Canned Beer

Brew Dog is a Scottish brewery based out of Ellon Aberdeenshire, Scotland. They've become widely known for their craft brews and packaging, specifically their End Of History Brew that had a squirrel...
beer university

Craft Beer University

These days, it feels like there are more beers than there are nationalities on the planet. Craft brewers are more serious than ever, crafting brews with precision and flavor profiles that will blow your socks...

Heinz Bloody Mary

Brunch, it's a term that we could care less about, it's for everyone that needs an excuse to have a few cocktails or beers at lunch but can't muster up the balls to say the want to get their drink on in the...

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