Speakeasy Brewery

Beer, we've drank it by the bottle, can, case and keg. We've scanned hundreds of deli fridges, top to bottom, our eyes fixating on various package designs in the hopes that the new sh*t we buy won't send us...

Best Beer Tap

This sculpture hand crafted by Lorenzo Quinn is dedicated to L'Auditori of Barcelona (Barcelona Auditorium). The bronze sinewy arm holding a golden jar of San Miguel beer is a functional piece serving cold...

Worlds Best Beer Pong Cups

Beer Pong, a game of skill or something like that. We've found that a good approach to playing the game is to just go ahead and lose. Sounds a little crazy but if you're playing beer pong you're in it to...

Marshall Fridge

Music and booze is like bikes and babes, they fit just right! The Marshall Amp Company has created the Marshall fridge based on a JCM800 head. The fridge uses genuine parts and the cabinet opens to reveal a...
metallica x Busweiser_LG_1

Budweiser x Metallica

Say it ain't so! Well it ain't-ish, the collaboration between Budweiser and Metallica is a limited run of 91,000 cans made available only in Quebec City, Canada for Metallica's last performance at the Colisée...

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