studdebaker manhattan

Studebaker Manhattan

During the prohibition era whisky was smuggled into speakeasy bars across the country. During this time bartenders used the smuggled stuff  to perfect classic cocktails such as the Manhattan for its under...
feature image_ommegang

Ommegang 7 Kingdoms Beer

If you're a fan of Game of Thrones and craft beer, and who isn't these days, then you've been waiting like everyone else for 2 things. You're waiting for the new season is to kick-off and when the fu*k...

Spodee White

Just in Time for the summer, the good folks at Spodee Wine released their newest creation Spodee White. Like the red Spodee, the new white version is also 36 proof and takes a nod at the Depression era hooch...
flying dog feature imag_1

International Arms Race

The crazy Scotts from BrewDog teamed up with the crew from Flying Dog in what they are calling a "Combative Collaboration" the first ever Zero IBU IPA challenge. This wasn't a typical brewer collaboration,...

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