Igloo Party Cooler

Guess what Igloo just put on the market... drum roll please! A Cooler!!! Ok so this isn't your average cooler nor did this thing get delivered via DeLorean time machine from the 25th century. With that said...

Message In A Bottle

Medea vodka is taking "Message In a Bottle" to new heights. They've designed a bottle that has an LED system rigged with Apple's iBeacon Bluetooth Technology that allows a user to customize a message on the...

The Crowler

On our late night expeditions running around town we always come across the moment where we think of grabbing some to-go beer to keep the night going. Generally we're limited to the usual suspects and or...

Marshall Fridge

Music and booze is like bikes and babes, they fit just right! The Marshall Amp Company has created the Marshall fridge based on a JCM800 head. The fridge uses genuine parts and the cabinet opens to reveal a...
Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 5.58.38 PM

DIY Bottle Openers

Much like Jimmy DiResta in the video above we have a workshop that we craft things for ourselves all the time. Sometimes we sit around wondering what in the world to make and at times it leaves us a few beers...

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