Drink Em All Bottle Opener

We've added another product to our arsenal, the Drink Em' All bottle opener keychains! These bottle openers pay homage to that little voice inside of you that tells you to do all the bad things. That same...

Beer Cap Maps

When we stumbled upon Beer Cap Maps all we could think was "I wish we thought of that!"  The founders, Jesse and Steve, like many of us have dreamed of owning their own business making their own hours...


Bullets2Bandages takes .50 caliber military grade brass casings collected from military training ranges that were once-fired,  polish then engrave them as bottle openers for the public. The product looks...

The Worlds Strongest Canned Beer

Brew Dog is a Scottish brewery based out of Ellon Aberdeenshire, Scotland. They've become widely known for their craft brews and packaging, specifically their End Of History Brew that had a squirrel...


Of all the ingredients used in brewing beer, only  about 10% actually end up in your glass. The spent grain which is generally used by farmers as feed and or turned into fertilizer still contains valuable...

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