metallica x Busweiser_LG_1

Budweiser x Metallica

Say it ain't so! Well it ain't-ish, the collaboration between Budweiser and Metallica is a limited run of 91,000 cans made available only in Quebec City, Canada for Metallica's last performance at the Colisée...

Kinkajou Bottle Cutter

We have a wood shop that we spend a lot of time crafting ideas for projects and without fail throw back some cold ones. In doing so recently, we stumbled upon the Kinkajou bottle cutter.  This device makes...

Flaming Dr.Pepper

The Flaming Dr. Pepper is something that will have you nice after about three of them or possibly falling on your ass. This is how you make it fill 3/4 of a shot glass with Amaretto and then top the shot glass...

Message In A Bottle

Medea vodka is taking "Message In a Bottle" to new heights. They've designed a bottle that has an LED system rigged with Apple's iBeacon Bluetooth Technology that allows a user to customize a message on the...

Kings County Distillery

Kings county Distillery founded in 2010 by Colin Spoelman and David Haskell is the first distillery operating within New York City borders since the prohibition era. Its pretty amazing that laws can go...

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