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Craft Spirits Are Here!

We at Liverbashers follow the alcohol industry like the average person follows their favorite sports team. We know what's coming out, events on the horizon, what you're drinking and sometimes, when we're not...

Beer Cap Maps

When we stumbled upon Beer Cap Maps all we could think was "I wish we thought of that!"  The founders, Jesse and Steve, like many of us have dreamed of owning their own business making their own hours...

Spodee White

Just in Time for the summer, the good folks at Spodee Wine released their newest creation Spodee White. Like the red Spodee, the new white version is also 36 proof and takes a nod at the Depression era hooch...

Carry On Cocktail

When you're 30k feet in the air traveling at 450mph its pretty hard to find a good bartender. If your smart like us you'll think ahead and pack a Carry On Cocktail kit making the dingbat in seat 28B with the...

Best Beer Tap

This sculpture hand crafted by Lorenzo Quinn is dedicated to L'Auditori of Barcelona (Barcelona Auditorium). The bronze sinewy arm holding a golden jar of San Miguel beer is a functional piece serving cold...

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